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Pulled a Beyonce on Mothers Day

May 19, 2018


Howdi! Sorry for my disapearance last week. Been going through some health issues, and I prefer not to blog when I am all doom and gloom. Frankly, it makes for bad writing and I don't think anyone wants to read about my pitty party anyways. I have been oddly happy the past couple of days, so I am going to ride this unicorn party as long as I can to get some content out to you guys! Anywho, this past Sunday, as you know was Mother's Day. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my updates on the day. Originally, we were going to venture out to Elora Gorge for a day of sight seeing, hiking, and a picnic. But, since I wasn't feeling good, we went with the devil instead (park). We splurged and went to the big local park in town as it is close to home and a change of pace from the usual neighbourhood park. The morning of I was stress free getting things ready. No? Not buying it? lol!!!! I was running around the house keeping the monsters quiet, trying to find the sunscreen, pack the picnic, cut up the snacks, get everything ready, panicing im missing things, and of course looking for the always MIA sunglasses. Whew, so much for a calm day right? Thats hilarious.

Anywho, Hubby got up, I finally got ready and off we went! The picnic was nice actually. It was breezy so on the down side we had to wear jackets, but hey that means no unwelcomed creepy crawlers! As a mom, I want to teach my kids that bugs are natural and nothing to be affraid of, however my inner child basically wants to run away screaming OMG GET IT OFF ME! The kids basically only had chips, but whatever I am too tired to yell and were in public. As I finished eating, my youngest got restless and my fiancee took them to go look at squirels. Sweet two minutes alone!!!!!!

After we went down to the park area and that is where the magic happened.... I sat down. This is not a drill people!! I sat down at the park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My oldest went to the monkey bars, my little one ran to the play area and my fiancee ran after her. I started to walk in that direction and was like wait, hold on a second, they are not looking at me! I slowly stepped back, and sat down on the bench carefully expecting to be dragged off it by mommy duties... but it didnt happen!!! I stayed there for a minute, and still nothing. I put my feet up (might as well poke the fire), and still NOTHING!!!! My oldest was playing within my line of sight, and my youngest was perfectly happy getting chased around by Daddy. HELLL TO THE MUTHA FUCKEN YES!!!!! I honestly do not remember a time when I used the benches, maybe when I was pregnant. It felt amazing!!!!!! 

Later when we got home, we did presents (handmade from school and flowers from the man), and he cooked us dinner. It was honestly perfect. What more could a mom ask for then to be able to sit down at the park!!!

Happy Belated Mothers Day everyone!


Purely Bitter

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