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Strong will and a speckled frog

May 24, 2018


Anyone else feel like this is their face now? Im calling this my permanent mom face, or fuck this face. I like that; fuck this face, FTF, I wonder if I can get that trending. Anywho!!! My youngest is sick. The poor thing has a double ear infection which somehow also manifested into an all over body rash (yes they are connected, yes I went to the doctor, yes she is on meds, no she isn't contagious). She has been an absolutely delight because of it, fair enough, but its wearing me down paitence wise. I know I said I have paitence, I'm a hoot lol!!!!!! I feel like your mood as a parent is like a piece of sandpaper; you start you day off ready to tackle anything and by the end of the day all your good parenting skills are warn off and you are as useless as a dull piece of sand paper. I should probably increase my grit, aka beginning of day paitence lol!!!!!! Fast forward to picking up my older one from the school bus. Here we go! I am prepping myself for a fight since I do not want to take the youngest to the park while she looks like a speckled frog. If I did, we would look like a speckled frog, sitting on a speckled log, pissing off the most annoying birds, chirp chirp. My oldest gets in the car and of course gives me a hard time about the park but I CALMLY explain the situation to her, and it looks like I won. Winning at the first obstacle of the night scares the crap out of me because history sh0ws it will only go down from here. We get home and I remind her she needs to get a picture drawn for "show and share" at school tomorrow. The instructions sound clear to me, but apparently there are of course issues. They said to draw a picture of yourself and a member of your family doingg something. Again, sounds pretty freaking straight forward to me. Yeah no. So I read what she is supposed to do and it starts..

Clara: "what should I draw"

Me: "I just told you, a picture of you and a family member doing something"

Clara: "what does that mean"

Me: "draw yourself...... and someone else doing something"

Clara: "what should we be doing"

Me: "Whatever you want"

Clara: "I don't do anything"

........ oh no you did not just open that canof worms child, you will not win.....

Me: "yes you do, its just like your journal for school where you say what you did in the week and draw a picture. Pick one thing and do that, Yesterday you spent time with Grandma while I took you sister to the doctor, on the weekend we all went to the park, me and you went to pick up your soccer gear, you went to the store with daddy..... pick something"

Clara: "I don't know what to draw"

........ breath........

Me: "pick something to draw"

Clara: "What should I draw?"

Okay so you can assume by this point my sand paper is getting dangerously close to being completely warn down and once again I explain to her the assignment and tell her to make a picture she is proud of.

Clara: "but at school the teacher tells us what to draw"

Me: "...... yes.... draw a picture of you with a family member doing something....."

Clara: "but I don't now what to draw"

I am slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 STOOOOOP.

Me: "Clara pick something and draw it"

This stand off went on for I kid you not 28 minutes all while my youngest screamed bloody murder, and I was trying to get dinner ready to go. Needless to say it ended in an argument, a time out, and a threat with an inch of her life to get the damn picture done. Success right? You must be new lollllll. Nope! God love my strong willed child. Spent the rest of the night listening to her complain about what if no one likes it and she doesnt know if she did a good job blah blah blah. I explained to her a good 15 times that all that matters is if you tried and if you like it. No one else's opinions matter. You do the absolute best you can and if anyone says otherwise then it is just their opinion and that does not matter. Lord give me paitence to calmly keep my composure to guide this child before I pull a Brittany and shave my head. No one ever tells you that parenting means answering the exact same question over and over and over and ovvvvvvver. Sigh. 


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