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Full moon and a limping lady

May 31, 2018


Hey everyone!!! Grab your wine, or cake, or whatever calm down vice you wish and hold onto your hats as tonight is a biggy. Nothing "big" just got a lot to say lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Litterally everything that could go wrong today (first world problem wise) went wrong. I am going to try and find a positive for each so bare with me lollll. So apparently, in case you haven't noticed how messed up everything is, it's a full moon. If you are a believer you know what I mean. People; crazy, kids; crazy, world; crazy. Crazies everywhere and my life is no exception (yayyyy). Anywho, as you all know my youngest has been suffering with a double ear infection which started out as a fever and a rash. She had been on antibiotics for seven days when last night as we got to the park I noticed a new rash had popped up (the old one was gone). This one was different, it wasn't splotchy like the last but dots all over. Ready to play "NAME THAT RASH"? No, me neither. Got to love those moms on social media, but I did text a bestie who is a nurse lolllll. The doctor had warned me that an allergy to the meds can take up to day 7 to show up and bam its day 7! So I freak out, don't know what to do. Give her some allergy meds as she was breathing fine and there was nothing wrong except for the rash and mentally prep myself to call the doctor in the morning. The night was long, she was up a few times and up early. That should have been my clue to the day. Down side number one; she was up early. Plus side was that it was day 3 of dirty hair and needed to shower if I was going to leave the house to take her to the doctor and some errands. So we get up and bam my oldest complains that her lunch bag is wet from the fridge (every morning there is a puddle on the top shelf of the fridge, if anyone has any ideas to try that google hasn't told me to try let me know). Plus side, we have other bags not a big deal. Ha! I'm funny, can't find the extra one to save my life. So I get the kids their breakfast, now fighting the clock to get them fed so I can shower and be on the phone exacccctly at 8am to get through to the doctors. I find a decent lunch bag and make it work. See we are fine, everything is fine. It's not even 7:30am yet but I am fine right. I get my breakfast and think to myself "oh good I get the last muffin" and my luck has changed. Nope. I go to sit down and see its a weeeee bit extra fuzzy. Damnit! Plus side we sill have toast its fine. I manage to get them fed and ready to go with 10 minutes to spare before I need to call the doctor. I even got to shave!! Ok so I am winning right... right....? I manage to get showered and race back down to make the call. Luckily I got through and manage to get an appointment which is amazing but its right at her lunch time. Okay we can work with this, just come home after running errands and give her a big snack since she doesn't like eating real meals anyways. We set out to run errands and 3 stores later and I still cannot find the hats I need for a special project (grey ones on my social media). Fine!!! Vivian is enjoying being out so it's a "win." Finally go to the grocery store for diapers, some fruit, and chicken strips since I am all out and then judging by the time I could go home still for about half hour. Yeah wrong. Thanks to construction season, one of the roads leading to our subdivision is blocked. The other is now blocked due to a round-a-bout construction issue. I can literally see my house... and cannot get to it. Okay I am going to take this lemon and go visit my folks who are fixing up their new house. I am stuck in the same spot for 15 bloody minutes. It is a 1 minute drive to my house and maybbbbe a 6 minute drive to there place. By the time I got through this traffic mess I have 5 minutes to kill before I had to get back through that mess to get to the doctors. Bright side I let her eat the blueberries I bought and got to see my dad. Doctor thankfully goes well, ear infection gone and the rash is just a mild reaction and will go away soon and to bring her back if her symptoms come back. By the way as I am writing this, I have had to go back into her room 5 times in half an hour span, hopefully this doesn't mean another bad night and a doctors visit ughhh. Anywho, by this time it is past her lunch, shes outside of her time schedule and she is crabby but we are on our way home so everything is fine right? Nope, I am stuck in that bloody traffic jam again, seeing my house without being able to get to it for 20 minutes. Plus side.... plus side...  oh I know I can finally pee when I get home! I race inside to get her lunch ready and bam I realize the chicken strips are defrosting. Ok we can work with this.... its now dinner! I race to get them in the oven so that way they will cook and cool before my fiancee needs to get his lunch packed for work. I get rice cooking and back on track with winning this day. I go to make my lunch, and as you saw on my Instagram, I ony have a top bun. I can work with this, put a regular slice of bread on the bottom and bam back on track. My little one decided to not eat lunch and instead give herself a facial... ughhh....... get her cleaned, race to clean up a bit before my fiancee wakes up and realise her bum needs to be changed. No biggy, asides from the fact she keeps running away laughing. Damnit child. My fiancee wakes up and sees the nudy butt run past him and by this point im done. I just laugh, what else can I do. He asks how my day is going and I can't stop laughing. This is good, I am laughing and not letting the day win right? Let's go with yes and put a cork in it for a bit. Between people coming to pick up hats, and me getting too excited to talk to adults when I actually get to see some, I now get only 10 minutes to talk to my fiancee before he leaves since he has to leave early today because of the traffic. Goddamnit! At least I get my good hug and kiss and I get to see Vivian saying bye to daddy and blowing him kisses which is just precious. Got her to bed and got to listen to her snore while she napped which is just tooooo cute. Also, managed to get some hats done while she slept so again I am counting this is another win! Go me! Fast forward to bus pickup time and not only did she not sleep enough, it is super hot and the bus is late. Like late late. Like consider going on a mission to find the bus late, but remembering the traffic jam I am staying put lol! Whatever, I did not have to go into traffic so again a win! After dinner I make the stupid mistake of wanting to venture back out into the world to find more hats. I decided to try a different store, and as we are driving to it I see the traffic backed up for 7 blocks on the road we have to take home... crap. Screw it, I am not letting today win and besides there is lots of time for it to clear up before we need to get home. Also, my oldest and I joked around in the car instead of me telling her so shush up so I can hear myself think. Apparently she is going to clone herself and send an army of "Claras" after me, oh dear God NO! Technology please don't get to that point until after SHE has kids lolllll. I get cocky and think my night turned around. Almost done, stay with me. We get to the store, I grab a cart, and as some divine cruel joke, I fought the shopping cart, and the shopping cart won. Photo on Instagram. I am thinking "don't panic, you stubbed it, walk it off" not realising its bleeding. I look down and its bleeding and I cannot see how bad it truely is but I am on a mission. I lift up that baby toe and power walk through the store. They of course, screw this day, did not have what I needed. FINE! I get to the car, get the kids in and finally I can look for a bandaid to deal with the fifty shades of dammnit on my toe. Bandaid.... bandaid.... what kinda mom doesn't have any!! One with an accident proned child who used them all up thats who!!! For the win, I remembered the other day to put tissues in the car and Clara found a super old, clean bandaid without a wrapper. Ew.... but sticky enough to hold the tissue on because I have another store to check. Unlucky for me this one was inside the mall, so there I am limping, holding my youngest, dragging my oldest, praying to God there isn't a trail of blood following me. I would rather not have the security guard hunt me down, although he may have bandaids! I manage to find what I need, and grabbed bandaids and home we went! Finally got to look at it and I can't see how bad it is so wrapped it up like a boss and we will deal with it after my shower tomorrow. Day over right? Right!!!!! Crossing my fingers, mainly because my toes are... well.. lol!!!!! Both kids are in bed, going to grab mysel a snack and relax. Ah crap I have a vendor sale tomorrow and need to pack..... screw it I will do it in the morning. Goodnight everyone and cross your fingers the universe is less hilarious tomorrow lol!!!!!! 

Oh one more thing, as I am writting this I remeber I have a Costco first aid kit in my trunk which of course has bandaids....... oops!


Purely Bitter


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