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Half alseep and a frozen behind

June 6, 2018


Hey everyone! So last night I took Clara bear to her soccer practise and unfortunately for me, I discovered that since she is in the U7 league now, that she is a travelling team. Great... but hey at least they are all in town. Anywho, last night it turns out that the field they were playing at had a later game start. Again, why is it no one tells you these things until it is to late. Her first game was at 6pm which was tight with my youngest sleeping schedule, but still doable. However, last night started at 6:45pm and since my youngest goes to bed at 7pm, I wasn't aboout to play that game. I made arrangements for my youngest to get baby sat while I took Clara to soccer. Perfect right? Avoided a toddler meltdown and therefore I will have a blissful evening...lol!!! So already I am trying to mentally prep myself for getting home late and having to give Clara a late bath while listening to her talk non stop cutting into my "alone" time, but I signed her up for soccer so now I have to live with it. We get ready to leave and the argument about the weather starts. Generally I run hot and she has always run cold, but it was 14 degrees outside (57 for my American friends) and of course as a good mom I asked her to wear a jacket. "But whhhhhhhhhhhhy... why do I have to wear it I am hot!!!" Damnit child I am leaving the house today literally for you can we please not do this!!!! I manage to get her little butt to the car and to the soccer field ON TIME!!! I am not even kidding I was able to set up my chair and still had 2 minutes to spare before game time and I remembered her ball! Mark the calendar folks, this will probably never happen again lol! Mind you I am sitting alone, on my camping chair like a loser surrounded by all "happy" families and soccer moms, but hey not my fault my better half works afternoons.  I am sitting there and realize its bloody cold, like cold cold, like I should have brought a parka cold. How kids don't feel the cold is beyond me. The game starts 15 minutes late. I thinking great its bath night, and a school night, and we are going to be late, oye!! Whatever, can't control everything right? The coach gets the kiddos to their starting spots and low and behold Clara beats the system. The kid nominated herself to be the goalie so she wouldn't have to run the whole time lol! That's my girl. Ironically, she was actually really good as the goalie and saved every goal while she was in the goalie position. Everytime she saved a goal, the crowd (aka parents) would cheer. My bitter half alseep to conserve body heat ass didn't clue in until the people beside me were like "I wonder who's kid that is?" Yeah yeah I know, wait thats mine! WOOPS! Am I supposed to be cheering or clapping? Do we really have to do this? Can't I just sit here frozen and congratulate her after like a normal person? No? Alrighty then! So I decided to be like the rest and cheer and clap. Well that was bloody awkward!!!! I clapped, I got stares, I yelled, I got stares, I did nothing, and got stares. What is the matter with these people, I can't win and I feel awkward. Screw it I am sticking to a pep talk after the game. Half way through the coach tagged her out so she could play foward and man can that kid run. Can't kick the ball far or pass to save her life, but she can run. I guess getting her to school early for running club was actually a good thing! It was funny because everytime the coach had to redo the positions after kick ins and such you could hear her say she wanted to be offense and not defense. Girl, you got some game in you! Mommy is proud! My athletic ability starts and dies with badminton lol! Our coach was really amazing and seemed so supportive and encouraging. The other coach... well she did alot of yelling and micromanaging lol! Girl after my own heart bahah! I am thinking to myself that she is playing amazing, having fun, this will be an easy rest of my night. You know I am starting to think I jinx myself way too much and thinking may not be my best friend. The other team basically used her team as target practise. Frankly, they should have left Clara in net because she was the only player who was able to stop goals. When we were finished, about 15 minutes late gahhhhh, it started; the complaining. She went on and on and onnnnn about how the other team cheated and they had poor sportsmanship. I decided to take the high road and use it as a teachable moment to teach her that you win with honour and lose with honour. Not sure if it sunk in, but hey I tried right. Managed to thaw my ass by the time I got home and even got her to bed after a bath in a timely manner. Damn I am good! Even though it was an awkward as hell night, I am counting it as a win and on the bright side I got to sit back and enjoy watching the other parents deal with their younger kids having meltdowns. Heath my warning people; do not go outside with your toddlers outside of bedtime, it never ends well!


Purely Bitter 


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