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Pinterest marathon and a hail Mary!

June 29, 2018


Ahhhhhh summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kids are finishing school....... OH MY GOD THE KIDS ARE FINISHING SCHOOL!!!!! Remember back when you were a kid and the last day of school was literally heaven? Said goodbye to school work, home work, getting up early, and the best part of all; staying up late!!!! Fast forward to adulthood and this once joyful occasion bring upon different emotions including; wtf, fuck this, fear, anxiety, and my personal fav; ear plugs (not optional, trust me here). Since I chose the stay at home mom life (........ thinking of going for a pysc elvalution), that means I get to spend 9 plus glorious weeks keeping my mini me entertained. Remember back in the day when you were just happy being home? Gone are the days of mindless television and the occasional trip out of the house. Kids today enjoy being entertained. Mark that down as number 905 as shit no one tells you about having children. Suddenly, their happiness and entertainment is your problem. Look kid I can barely keep your sister entertained long enough to have her stop fussing, you are seven can't you do this yourself? Ha! I can hear her evil laugh now in the distance... getting closer... and closer... like the end of school. Help me! Also, because I must be losing my cognitive reasoning, I decided it was a great idea to not only watch the neighbours' little one like I do a couple times a week, but also watch our friend's two little ones as well. My panic has turned into a full blown meltdown. The days seem to be moving realllllllly fast this week of course, and tomorrow is my little darlings last day of school, fuck me. I have spent all day, every day this week on pinterest, on facebook, checking flyerss, you name it, everything to try and figure out how to occupy these monsters for their summer. I have pinned every recipe possible and have searched every bloody search term possible for things to do and I can finally say; im screwed :) . I really really really do not want to fail this year. The year before Clara was in school I took a week off when her sitter went on holidays and it was an epic fail. The first day her fav indoor playground wasn't open, my backup idea wasn't open (mondays off eh you lucky bastards), and it ended up being a " emerge trip to the dollar store to get $50 worth of glitter glue and paint" not kidding either. It looked like a stripper died on her craft table. Fast forward to the end of that week where we had our first trip camping as a family, also my first real camping trip, which could not have gone worse if it tried. I will save the details for another day, but it also involved a pricey trip to the dollar store where I spent $100 on crap to keep her busy. Didn't work fyi. Her first year of school I finished working mid August and was huge as I was due in a month with my second child. Thanks to siatic issues I could not walk. Every couple of steps I would get sharp pains like my who ha was made of glass and was shattering. Good times. So again, failed that summer. Last year dear lord did I try! I had stayed home to become a stay at home mom and even though Vivian wasn't even 1 yet, I wanted to have a great summer. Let's all laugh. Finding out that I would be starting to watch the neighbours little one, I busted out the calendar and drafted out the whole two months worth of plans including themed weeks and adventures. The best part was, again I freaken failed. Mind you not as bad as I had in the past but you try keeping these kids quiet until your fiancee wakes up at lunch time, and through the baby's two nap a day schedule. I did an okay job, tried to do lots of craft. The neighbours little one loved it, mine of course did not. This year I want to do better. I want to give my kids the summer of a lifetime, on a budget anyways. My youngest is almost two so she wants to do stuff now, not what Clara wants to do but I am trying to meet them halfway. I want to succeed but I swear to God I am getting Pinterest sick, What is that you ask? Its when you spend too much time on Pinterest and suddenly have a mental breakdown that you aren't one of thes rainbow pasta dying, slime making, sensory bin creating unicorn moms. Alas, I am going to try my best to at least do something fun each day but I have a sinking feeling you will be hearing from me in about 9 weeks saying how bad I failed. LOL!!!!


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